The Heart Monitors - Remember

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The only thing today’s youth hears from the older generations is that we are lazy, not willing to work, lack of any future perspective and that we won’t turn out alright when we get old. Fuck that. We do have our own perspectives on our own lives, and we if we cannot live up to your expectations: fuck you. This is our life and our choice.
And they always seem to forget that even older generations used to say the same thing about them…


Back in the days their life was hard
They didn’t complain and took their part
In contributing to society
Now they demand the same of me
But we are lazy
And up to no good
These words can’t be misunderstood
A spoilt generation’s on its way
What’s the matter with the kids today?

They said the same thing about you

Unemployment’s on the rise
For your mistakes we pay the price
Our burden is your legacy
But we choose our own destiny
We know that we’re better
Than the shit you think we are
We also have our hopes and dreams
It’s you we should ignore


We are fucking sick and tired
Of the pressure to perform
Study and work like ideal kids
Nervous breakdowns are the norm
We won’t be the victims
Of your own hypocrisy
Maybe you did not become
What you wanted us to be


They said the same thing about you


from Say Cheese! - Compilation vol. 4, released September 2, 2015
Artist: The Heart Monitors
Recorded & mixed by Steven Boet



all rights reserved


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