Different Homes - Soldiers' Heritage

from by North Empire



Recruiting young boys with false pretences
Defend your country in a war without ending
You came back empty handed
Hard to pick up life back in the country you defended

On every corner you spot danger
Can’t sleep at night – You’re becoming a stranger
Left alone with these horrific thoughts
But it’s alright – another soldier blessed by god

Billions invested in this war for “peace”
Killing people - Again the best of mans’ ideas
To create this “Utopian” dream of peace and love
Only creating bigger problems harder to be solved

Mentally broken you arrived home
The urge to shoot again has slowly grown
Not trusting anyone – being sick of this shit
So you pick up your gun and a pack of bullets

Ride out to make this country pay
Blinded and hurt you don’t see any other way
Ones’ life summarized in the papers the next day:
“Young soldier kill himself”


from Say Cheese! - Compilation vol. 4, released September 2, 2015
Music/lyrics by: Different Homes



all rights reserved


North Empire Amsterdam, Netherlands

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